About international call for the second art exhibition “American human rights”

About international call for the second art exhibition “American human rights”

The Secretariat of Art Exhibition “American Human Rights” is made up with public and non-profit structure, consisting of NGOs, cultural and artistic groups, student movements and with the participation and cooperation of Iranian and international public and non-governmental institutions.

The first period of the exhibition was held in 2016 with the participation of Iranian artists. According to existence of very impressive artistic and cultural currents in the world and the necessity of convergence of free-thinking artists to raise awareness about the issue of “American Human Rights”, the exhibition will be held internationally from its second period.


The main objectives of this international art festival are:

• To promote public awareness and culture of the world in the field of human rights.

• To introduce the real face of false claimants of human rights by means of art.

• To create convergence between free-thinking artists in the world reflecting the concept of “American Human Rights”.

• To present impressive public enlightenment of the performance of US government for human rights violations globally.

Artistic “research-based” production.

The most important approach of this festival is the creation of “research-based” artworks. This means that, all artworks of this festival should be inspired by documentations and researches that show instances of human rights violations by United States Government.


The secretariat of the festival was formed in Iran and cooperates with the artistic and cultural groups in different parts of the world.

Call for this art exhibition and its schedule are provided at this website (www.us-humanrights.com).

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